sábado, 31 de março de 2012

Portugese Film Directors debate new Cinema Law - FERA Março 2012

APR held an extraordinary General Assembly at the Cinemateca in Lisbon on 11 February de 2012
Portugese Film Directors debate new Cinema Law
APR (Portuguese Association of Directors) held an extraordinary General Assembly on 11 February to discuss the draft of the new Cinema Law which was released on 1 February. APR welcomed the fact that the Secretary of State for Culture has fulfilled his promise to publish the bill for public consultation.
There are very positive proposals for the government to assume the responsibilities of film funding through programmes intended to provide economic support to various activities for the development of film art. The draft law proposes measures to broaden funding sources and set the level of financing rates and contributions to be paid by the various service providers, platforms and broadcasters.
Although some of the articles raise questions which will need to be addressed, APR generally approves of the proposed law.
However, as the law leaves some important definitions for later clarification, APR insists that they be defined in close collaboration with the professional associations.
Given the critical situation the Portugese film industry is currently in, the directors of APR appeal to the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Culture and Members of Parliament to approve this law and its regulation as soon as possible.!
This General Assembly was attended by FERA CEO Elisabeth O. Sjaastad, who expressed FERA’s concern about the situation facing our Portugese members, and especially the uncertainty surrounding the Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA) where the open calls for project funding have been suspended, with no clear information about when they will resume.!
In a statement released on 24 February on the subject of the new Cinema Law, APR poignantly draws attention to the recent international success of Portugese filmmakers:
“Portuguese films, which will be in increasingly small numbers from this year onwards, have captured the attention of film professionals from around the world. The awards that the filmmakers John Salaviza and Miguel Gomes received at this year’s Berlinale, is a great achievement for Portuguese cinema. They have proven their enormous vitality and ability to cross all borders. It is urgent to let them live!”